Allure Your Senses With Agacio Long Boxer Horizontal Stripes Turquoise

AG5927-Front-600x600For men who desire total comfort with alluring looks, Agacio Long Boxers Horizontal Stripes is the answer to your prayers. Men’s boxer underwear will brighten up your day when performance with confidence is a priority. Nylon, Polyester and Spandex give the right amount of stretch and comfort when you’re on the move.

Beginning at the top, the wide elastic waistband has a broad brand logo in black and white color. The name Agacio, covers the front whereas, the sides have the brand logo i.e., the wings. The purpose of the waistband is to keep a steady grip on the body and at the same time keeps the hold soft to prevent rashes. Coming to the design, this Agacio men’s boxer underwear is appealing and stylish. The black stripes give a 3-D effect (my view) on the blue background. The stripes lie vertical on the inner thighs and stand tall and horizontal on the rest of underwear.

The contoured pouch is designed to keep the crotch at ease with the needed enhancement. The outline on the thighs allows the genitals to rise to a level where they don’t get bruised or chafed between them. Without the option of the fly on the front, the brand entices men to go up and above. The center seam on the pouch gives more room to your treasure whereas, the seam on the rear allows a better seat and comfort while sitting or involved in activities.

Slip into the Agacio Long Boxer Horizontal Stripes turquoise for the most comfortable and exotic feeling of second skin. They provide everything a faithful underwear should, with more coverage on the thighs.

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