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Brief Underwear- Advantages You Just Cannot Overlook

AG6740-Orange_Stripes-M-600x600Briefs are a type of underwear that is designed to be tight on the crotch and extend only up to the area that joins pelvis to thighs. Discovered in 1935, as an undergarment for support Briefs at that time, shared the same functionality as that of Jockstraps. Also known as Y fronts, Briefs are featured with a fly opening in the front that offers it a unique look when compared to other men’s underwear. This fly opening makes it modern style underwear. With a wide elastic waistband, the brief functions to firmly hold the male genitalia in position.


Being a supportive and functional undergarment, briefs offer several number of advantages in comparison to other underwear styles.

Briefs are designed to offer good support, especially during body movements like exercising, running and lifting. This in turn makes them a much better to wear underwear style.

Briefs are sexy underwear styles too which makes them a great choice to be worn as a swimwear too. The confidence which comes upon wearing these fashionable underwear styles allows men to wear it on beaches too.


Briefs underwear is available in different styles and features therefore before buying you need to choose the one that suits in your needs. The most popular cut options available in briefs are traditional (full cut), mid-rise and low rise. The traditional or full cut is characterized by a wide elastic waist band, a Y shaped fly and a full design which completely covers the back and extends from the waist to upper thighs. Similarly the mid-rise cut is similar to the full cut but is smaller in size and extends from below the waist to the upper thighs. The low rise cut, being extremely smaller, extends below the waist to upper thighs. Before choosing the cut for yourself, you need to consider the trouser you want to wear with briefs for low cut jeans and trousers. It is always recommended to wear mid-rise and low-rise briefs because it is not visible above the trouser’s waistline.


Fabric material that is highly recommended is Cotton because it is fast drying and extremely absorbent. Lycra is recommended because it offers a tight fit. Silk and satin are recommended because of its luxurious, soft and smooth touch. So, choose the one which matches in your requirements.


While purchasing, one should be aware of the advantages which briefs offer for buying comfortable, fashionable and attractive underwear for you.


Sports and Jockstraps

Underwear plays a great role when it comes to protection, coverage and comfort. Out of so many sporty styles available today in the market, Jockstraps play a crucial role in being a most popular choice. Have you ever wondered why Jockstraps are gaining so much popularity as sports underwear? Earlier people had limited choices but since the introduction of Jockstraps in 1874, people started wearing them while playing sports that require some form of support or protection.

Listed below are the top most features of Jockstraps which make them an ideal choice as a sportswear-

ag4900-basics-jockstrap015-600x600Jockstraps come with a fabric pouch that is meant to give protection to man’s private parts. The presence of a cup in the front is meant to guard against possible harsh impact that might hurt the man’s private parts. Now you might be thinking how this does makes it a performance enhancing underwear in sports, right? Well, there are various sports like Hockey, Base ball, Soft ball and Lacrosse which makes Jockstraps a good choice to be the most comfortable type of protection. When it comes to protective underwear, Jockstraps still offer the most protection for strenuous activities. They allow free body movements without having to worry about injuring yourself. The protective cups actually offer the maximum amount of support for your junk.

Jockstraps should be worn during sports that involve running and jostling. The fabric construction involves the use of fabrics that gives you soft, skin like and luxurious feel with just the right amount of stretch. The material plays a great role in determining how well you underwear performs. It is necessary to ensure that one feels comfortable and make movement of legs easy. Nylon, Spandex and Lycra are the most commonly used fabrics that ensure stretch ability, fast drying, comfort and coolness to avoid hassle during any kind of sports. The above mentioned fabric when combined together keeps you dry all day long in any kind of conditions.

The fit which men’s jockstraps underwear offer matters a lot therefore it is vital to choose the one which fits your perfectly. The size of pouch is a matter of consideration as it can be adjusted as per the comfort level of an individual.

So, if you are looking for a sports underwear that keeps you dry, comfortable and avoids chaffing, then shop around for the trendiest collection of Jockstraps at Agacio.

Why Buy Agacio Boxer Briefs Underwear?

Designed with a perfect blend of long boxers and tight fitted briefs, boxer briefs tend to be the most sophisticated and comfortable styles of underwear. At Agacio, one can shop around for the latest styles of boxer brief underwear that are designed using the best quality of soft and comfortable fabric as Cotton, Nylon, Polyester and Spandex. These fabrics when infused individually or in combination makes men’s boxer brief a tight fit, comfortable and cool underwear to be worn by men on different occasions.


The design offers a cross between boxer and brief to give that extra feel of comfort. Boxer briefs are not only used as routine underwear briefs, they find their specific use with sportsmen. The comfort and convenience associated with brief underwear makes it a preferable choice among modern men. By wearing boxer briefs, one would feel free and comfortable all the day long.

The presence of contoured pouch in the front offers extra bulge to your package, thereby enhancing your profile and offering protection. Men’s boxer brief adds stability and keeps the male privates intact by displaying an enhanced level of manhood. Similarly the snug fit, this underwear style offers provides an visual appealing personality by allowing your package to display well.

Whether it is for sportswear or for every day wear, boxer briefs form an ideal underwear style for modern men. The world class designers at Agacio are focused on designing boxer briefs which ensure the correct size, smooth/comfortable fabric, designer cuts and plentiful delightful color choices.

So, if you are looking for an underwear style that focuses on comfort along with fashion, then try Agacio Boxer Briefs.

Fabric In Men’s Bikini Underwear

If buying underwear does not give you a relaxing and comfortable feel, then it’s of no use. Buying any underwear style ultimately comes down to the decision- how one feels? The quality, type and composition of fabrics used matters a lot.

ag6950-basics-bikini125-600x600As a renowned brand, Agacio leads ahead in manufacturing men’s underwear of different styles like men’s bikini, men’s brief, men’s boxer briefs, men’s boxer shorts, Jockstraps and much more. The only unique quality which sets Agacio apart from all other brands in the underwear market is use of quality and sophisticated fabric. The brand features a unique combination of style and comfort by incorporating the most popular fabrics. With men’s bikini underwear being their most selling underwear category, Agacio focuses on utilizing the best quality of fabrics in their bikini underwear styles. Here’s a list of few-

Spandex- Spandex has been a material choice for the underwear industry since its discovery. The versatility and strength of this fabric means it can be used for a variety of purposes. They are probably popular because they allow the body to breathe and muscles to expand and contract during workouts. Apart from this, it has an ability to stretch and recover the original shape and form. Other major benefits include- extremely comfortable, lightweight, resistant to air and water.

Modal- The fabric is delicate and light weight and allows the skin to breathe. It provides extra stretchiness without pulling out of shape.

Polyester- The fabric is easily dyeable and not damaged by mildew.Polyester has several advantages being a smooth surfaced fabric and it is also easier to blend with other fabrics making it stable and strong.

The above mentioned fabric types are most commonly used by Agacio for designing men’s bikini underwear that once worn provides a support, flexibility and comfort that men usually look for.

Men’s Bikini Underwear For Comfort And Sexy Looks

ag6950-basics-bikini134-600x600Designed with a combination of sexiness and boldness, Agacio Bikinis offer a full coverage on the rear. The brand is known for designing high quality products that go just with the meaning of brand name.

Features of Men’s Bikini at Agacio

Superior quality of fabrics- Agacio Bikinis are designed with high quality of fabrics like Spandex and Modal that forms the most stretchable and comfortable fabric. The soft and smooth touch associated with this fabric gives it high quality.

Contoured Pouch- The contoured pouch in the front is designed with a sack lifting technology which not only spaces and lifts your package but also encourages confidence with your personality. The construction is designed in a way so as to offer maximum support.

Snug fit- With a lot of option for skin show, Men’s Bikini underwear by the brand offers a snug fit on the front with high cuts around the pouch. It allows full exposure with full seat coverage.

Styling- With an eye popping logo designed on the waistband and high cuts on the side, it offers an eye appealing design that enhances your personality as well. The fabric on the front and back along with waistband holds everything in place and together.

Colors- The colors used are grey, white, red, yellow, blue and turquoise.

When to use- Agacio Basic Bikini underwear is ideal for everyday use or for gymming and other activities. The supportive pouch designed with sack lifting technology provides comfort and protection while the super absorbent, quick drying and water resistant fabric gives a soft and cozy feel from within.