Men’s Bikini Underwear For Comfort And Sexy Looks

ag6950-basics-bikini134-600x600Designed with a combination of sexiness and boldness, Agacio Bikinis offer a full coverage on the rear. The brand is known for designing high quality products that go just with the meaning of brand name.

Features of Men’s Bikini at Agacio

Superior quality of fabrics- Agacio Bikinis are designed with high quality of fabrics like Spandex and Modal that forms the most stretchable and comfortable fabric. The soft and smooth touch associated with this fabric gives it high quality.

Contoured Pouch- The contoured pouch in the front is designed with a sack lifting technology which not only spaces and lifts your package but also encourages confidence with your personality. The construction is designed in a way so as to offer maximum support.

Snug fit- With a lot of option for skin show, Men’s Bikini underwear by the brand offers a snug fit on the front with high cuts around the pouch. It allows full exposure with full seat coverage.

Styling- With an eye popping logo designed on the waistband and high cuts on the side, it offers an eye appealing design that enhances your personality as well. The fabric on the front and back along with waistband holds everything in place and together.

Colors- The colors used are grey, white, red, yellow, blue and turquoise.

When to use- Agacio Basic Bikini underwear is ideal for everyday use or for gymming and other activities. The supportive pouch designed with sack lifting technology provides comfort and protection while the super absorbent, quick drying and water resistant fabric gives a soft and cozy feel from within.

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