Fabric In Men’s Bikini Underwear

If buying underwear does not give you a relaxing and comfortable feel, then it’s of no use. Buying any underwear style ultimately comes down to the decision- how one feels? The quality, type and composition of fabrics used matters a lot.

ag6950-basics-bikini125-600x600As a renowned brand, Agacio leads ahead in manufacturing men’s underwear of different styles like men’s bikini, men’s brief, men’s boxer briefs, men’s boxer shorts, Jockstraps and much more. The only unique quality which sets Agacio apart from all other brands in the underwear market is use of quality and sophisticated fabric. The brand features a unique combination of style and comfort by incorporating the most popular fabrics. With men’s bikini underwear being their most selling underwear category, Agacio focuses on utilizing the best quality of fabrics in their bikini underwear styles. Here’s a list of few-

Spandex- Spandex has been a material choice for the underwear industry since its discovery. The versatility and strength of this fabric means it can be used for a variety of purposes. They are probably popular because they allow the body to breathe and muscles to expand and contract during workouts. Apart from this, it has an ability to stretch and recover the original shape and form. Other major benefits include- extremely comfortable, lightweight, resistant to air and water.

Modal- The fabric is delicate and light weight and allows the skin to breathe. It provides extra stretchiness without pulling out of shape.

Polyester- The fabric is easily dyeable and not damaged by mildew.Polyester has several advantages being a smooth surfaced fabric and it is also easier to blend with other fabrics making it stable and strong.

The above mentioned fabric types are most commonly used by Agacio for designing men’s bikini underwear that once worn provides a support, flexibility and comfort that men usually look for.

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