Sports and Jockstraps

Underwear plays a great role when it comes to protection, coverage and comfort. Out of so many sporty styles available today in the market, Jockstraps play a crucial role in being a most popular choice. Have you ever wondered why Jockstraps are gaining so much popularity as sports underwear? Earlier people had limited choices but since the introduction of Jockstraps in 1874, people started wearing them while playing sports that require some form of support or protection.

Listed below are the top most features of Jockstraps which make them an ideal choice as a sportswear-

ag4900-basics-jockstrap015-600x600Jockstraps come with a fabric pouch that is meant to give protection to man’s private parts. The presence of a cup in the front is meant to guard against possible harsh impact that might hurt the man’s private parts. Now you might be thinking how this does makes it a performance enhancing underwear in sports, right? Well, there are various sports like Hockey, Base ball, Soft ball and Lacrosse which makes Jockstraps a good choice to be the most comfortable type of protection. When it comes to protective underwear, Jockstraps still offer the most protection for strenuous activities. They allow free body movements without having to worry about injuring yourself. The protective cups actually offer the maximum amount of support for your junk.

Jockstraps should be worn during sports that involve running and jostling. The fabric construction involves the use of fabrics that gives you soft, skin like and luxurious feel with just the right amount of stretch. The material plays a great role in determining how well you underwear performs. It is necessary to ensure that one feels comfortable and make movement of legs easy. Nylon, Spandex and Lycra are the most commonly used fabrics that ensure stretch ability, fast drying, comfort and coolness to avoid hassle during any kind of sports. The above mentioned fabric when combined together keeps you dry all day long in any kind of conditions.

The fit which men’s jockstraps underwear offer matters a lot therefore it is vital to choose the one which fits your perfectly. The size of pouch is a matter of consideration as it can be adjusted as per the comfort level of an individual.

So, if you are looking for a sports underwear that keeps you dry, comfortable and avoids chaffing, then shop around for the trendiest collection of Jockstraps at Agacio.

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