Brief Underwear- Advantages You Just Cannot Overlook

AG6740-Orange_Stripes-M-600x600Briefs are a type of underwear that is designed to be tight on the crotch and extend only up to the area that joins pelvis to thighs. Discovered in 1935, as an undergarment for support Briefs at that time, shared the same functionality as that of Jockstraps. Also known as Y fronts, Briefs are featured with a fly opening in the front that offers it a unique look when compared to other men’s underwear. This fly opening makes it modern style underwear. With a wide elastic waistband, the brief functions to firmly hold the male genitalia in position.


Being a supportive and functional undergarment, briefs offer several number of advantages in comparison to other underwear styles.

Briefs are designed to offer good support, especially during body movements like exercising, running and lifting. This in turn makes them a much better to wear underwear style.

Briefs are sexy underwear styles too which makes them a great choice to be worn as a swimwear too. The confidence which comes upon wearing these fashionable underwear styles allows men to wear it on beaches too.


Briefs underwear is available in different styles and features therefore before buying you need to choose the one that suits in your needs. The most popular cut options available in briefs are traditional (full cut), mid-rise and low rise. The traditional or full cut is characterized by a wide elastic waist band, a Y shaped fly and a full design which completely covers the back and extends from the waist to upper thighs. Similarly the mid-rise cut is similar to the full cut but is smaller in size and extends from below the waist to the upper thighs. The low rise cut, being extremely smaller, extends below the waist to upper thighs. Before choosing the cut for yourself, you need to consider the trouser you want to wear with briefs for low cut jeans and trousers. It is always recommended to wear mid-rise and low-rise briefs because it is not visible above the trouser’s waistline.


Fabric material that is highly recommended is Cotton because it is fast drying and extremely absorbent. Lycra is recommended because it offers a tight fit. Silk and satin are recommended because of its luxurious, soft and smooth touch. So, choose the one which matches in your requirements.


While purchasing, one should be aware of the advantages which briefs offer for buying comfortable, fashionable and attractive underwear for you.

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