Boxer And Briefs- The Pros And Cons

The never ending debate on “which one is better- boxer or briefs” has led to the introduction of boxer brief underwear for men. But, the point to be focused on is what makes people choose boxer briefs rather than men’s brief underwear or men’s boxer briefs?

Agacio Sport Performance Two Tone Boxer Brief Grey
Let us look at the pros and cons of the briefs and boxer briefs that will decipher why most guys opt for the style that gives the best of both worlds.

Men’s Briefs:

• They have a snug fit
• Very comfortable
• Sit low on the waistline
• They are very appealing to the eye


• Doctors believe they are very tight and lower the sperm count.
• If bought the wrong size; it can be a very painful experience as the snug fit is already tight.

Men’s Boxers:


• They are great to be worn when the idea is to relax at home on weekends. However, some people prefer to wear them to work as well
• The most comfortable men’s apparel and hence is very popular.
• Generally has a fly that gives easy access to men.


• Boxers lack support to the package as they have a bigger room (the newer version which are body hugging are supportive)
• They ride up because they do not have body conforming fit
• They do not protect the privates from any injuries.
• They have no sex appeal; they are meant to relax and have comfortable/ laid back attitude.

Men’s Boxer Briefs


• Very comfortable and supportive
• Very sexy and smooth fit
• Covers till the mid thighs
• They are apt for workout, gymming, jogging and more.
• Prevents chafing because the pouch lifts the package from between the thighs.


• Not appealing for guys who seek exposure
• Snug fit can cause health issues like low sperm count.

With the above detailed pros and cons of all the three styles, have their own “ifs and buts”. When the idea is to get the best of both briefs and boxers; boxer briefs are the true companions.

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