How To Get Rid Dark Groin Area?

One of the most ‘un-talked’ and embarrassing topic among the intimate problems is the darkening of the groin area in both the sexes. Though, there are many reasons to it, but the solutions seem to be neglected and less adopted by them, especially men. This blog keeps the taboo aside and talks about the various reasons for the blackening as well as the solutions to the same.

Agacio Basics Boxer Red

Causes There are many reasons that trigger dark discoloration of the groin region. They are:

• Obesity: The guys (or even females) who are obese or are on the heavier scale tend to get the darkening down there because of the constant rubbing/friction between the thighs.

• Humidity: Humidity provides a lot f sweating which again causes friction down there between the thighs and even the tight clothes. The constant sweat makes the skin rough and fragile, eventually making the color of the skin dark.

• Tight clothes: As I mentioned in the point above that rubbing of clothes against the skin are a big cause of the darkening of the groin area. The problem starts from the basic clothing i.e. men’s underwear and continues to the tight denims of trousers. The apparel styles such as men’s brief underwear or men’s boxer briefs would not be a good idea at that moment.

• Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes are prone to accumulate dark patches in the privates, armpits, back of the neck and other sensitive areas.

• Infection: Any sorts of infection in the groin area would contribute to the occurrence of dark patches in the genital area of the males.


“Where there is a will, there is a way”! The following remedies would help you prevent and whiten the blackened area in the male body.

• Vitamin C: Incorporate fruits and vegetables with vitamin C in them such as guava, orange, apple, lime, bell pepper, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is very crucial for the maintenance of a healthy skin. Vitamin C improves skin texture and also builds collagen, thus preventing sagging.

• Loose clothes: This does not mean you buy saggy clothes, but at least the ones that do not hold a hard grip on your body and stick around from all sides. Even in underwear styles, opt for men’s jockstraps or men’s thong underwear that lets your manhood breathe better than the ones with the extra load of fabric.

• Lose weight: Very important aspect not only because of blackening, but there are other problems that come running to your body when you gain weight.

• Use soaps with licorice: Herbal soaps with licorice as a key ingredient would best suit your manhood. It would smoothen and brighten the area eventually.

I hope these tips would be informative and beneficial for you in some or the other way. Try them and tell us that your feedback in the comments below. Agacio has some luxurious fabric compositions that will absorb sweat and prevent darkening. Check out the collection now.

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