3 Signs that your Underwear and Comfort are Not in Sync

Apart from the style or the fashion appeal, comfort is the first thing that we expect from our underwear. We tend to feel awkward the entire day if we do not get the required amenity from them. Some signs can be confusing where we think the reason behind them is the outer attire where the actual problem is with our underneath garment. Below are three signs that indicate a problem with your undergarments. Read on to find out.

  • It suddenly starts sweating a lot down there:

    Not only the outer fabrics but also the inner ones need to be focused as some of them do not provide enough breathability to the genitals resulting in sweat. To reduce the sweat prefer materials like cotton, nylon, mesh which allows a heavenly breath to your manhood. Their absorbing factor helps to wick away the moisture, keeping you dry and airy down there.


  • Chafing or jock itch:

    Chaffing is usually caused due to rubbing of thighs or the crotch area whereas jock itch is a fungal infection that usually occurs in warm weathers. It is caused by wearing tight clothes or underneath garments that are not well ventilated. Well, both of them have a common solution. Prefer the right sized undergarments. Check the size chart before adding them to cart. Proper breathable garments can also solve this issue.


  • No support or dangling feeling down there:

    Proper underneath articles that have a good pouch construction will not lead to any dangling feeling down there. Some of the styles like the jockstraps for men has a structural pouch at the front to hold your genitals. Some of this men’s underwear also come in enhancement options that give the perfect bulge under your pants.

Above are some of the signs of that your underwear and comfort is not in sync. So, make sure you get the proper style of underneath garments to avoid issues as such.

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