7 Blunders that is messing up you style quotient

It is said that men with style are great because they have a sense of self. Your personal style quotient and fashion sense has undoubtedly become a judging criteria these days. This is not everything that a person need to have, but it definitely an essential aspect in leaving a lasting first impression. Fashion changes with time, but     it is your personal style that endures. Even though the real style is never right or wrong, it the way you carry your self that goes wrong.

Fashion Blunders
If you find yourself fashion challenged at times, in spite of, making all the sincere effort, then, probably you are committing some unconscious blunders. Here are some of the basic mistakes that generally messes up the style quotient of men.
  • Confusing right fit with skinny clothes:

    Men in Tight Fit Shirt
    When it comes to wearing the right size of clothes, you need to hit the right note between the oversize and under sized attire. Initially, baggy outfits were common, then, came in the trend of fitting clothes. Wearing the right fit and well-tailored clothes is the basic necessities of current time. However, most men confuse the right fit with tight and skinny clothes. This is the biggest fashion blunder committed by most men.
  • Wrinkled clothes:

    Men in Wrinkled Shirt
    You can choose the best shirt of an expensive luxury brand, but it won’t do any good to your look if you don’t carry it properly. Men are always reluctant in going their laundry and stuff like that. This adds to making a mess of their personal style. A wrinkled shirt and trouser will not grab attentions for good. So, make sure that you wear tidy clothes and get it ironed properly. The sleek and sophisticated style will get you the much needed compliments.

  • Body odor:

    Body Odor
    No matter what you are wearing and how perfectly you’re dressed, bad odor is one of the biggest turn off. This is one issue that is common in most men. The reason being excessive sweating and hectic work schedule. Get rid of your body odor and bad breathe. This makes them restore to strong perfume and fragrance. According to experts, strong perfumes are a sign of immaturity. So, make sure that you wear a soothing fragrance that lasts long. The smell should be refreshing, people who smell good are automatically more attractive.

  • Not choosing the right accessory:

    It is not the clothes that matters, but the accessories that you pair with it is equally important. Going over the board with bedazzling in choosing your bracelets and cufflinks is one of the common mistake committed by men. Moreover, the way you pair the entire ensemble has a great role to play. For instance, wearing tie with half-sleeve shirt or paring the mismatched colors of suit and trouser together are some of the mistakes that go unnoticed by you. The colors should always be contrasting, so that, every aspect of your ensemble is highlighted.

  • Undergarments matters a lot:

    Most men think that their undergarment is not important as no one see them. This is the biggest misconception of all time. Pairing a dark undershirt with the light colored shirt another common lapse. Similarly, the style of men’s underwear is equally important. Gone are the days when the waistband popping out of your jeans was a sign of masculinity. It is considered tacky these days. The seam of the underwear visible from the trouser can break you entire look. Wear the skimpy styles of bikini underwear for men. The high cuts and sleek style will slip in your trousers without the visible underwear line.

  • Not dressing according to the event:

    You may be wearing the best attire available in your closet, but if you’re not dressed according to the event, then, it’ll be of no use. Make sure that you dress according to the event and occasion. Right from the clothing to the accessory and footwear, everything should match the requirement of the event. You just can’t make a style statement by going to a formal dinner in your jeans and t-shirts.

  • Wearing the wrong shoes:

    Wrong Footwear
    The footwear makes the entire personality of an individual. Wearing the pair of shoes that doesn’t match the personality and the attire is the biggest mistake committed by men. Moreover, wearing untidy and unpolished pair of shoes makes it even worse. So, make sure that you wear a clean pair of footwear that matches the entire ensemble.

Are you ready to set a style quotient? Do share your views in the comment below.

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