How to Dress Sharp: 7 Style tips

Being under-dressed is awkward, but being over-dressed even more embarrassing. As the fashion industry is going places, the pressure on modern men to stay in sync with the current is increasing. There is a slight difference between getting ready for an event. You may get ready in the best of the clothes or may choose the top-notch brand, but its not necessary that you’re dapper. You have been through times when even a casually dressed men manages to look better than you. Well, he did nothing more than hitting the right note between being dressed and being well-dressed.

Wonder how you can dress sharp? Here are some tips that can help you for the same. Check them out.

Well Dressed Man

  • Know the dress code:

    The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider the occasion. Not dressing according to the dress code is one the biggest mistake that ruins your entire effort. Even if there’s no dress code, make sure that you cloth matches the event. For instance, do not go in t-shirt and jeans for a formal dinner or anything of this sort. Semi-formal attire is ideal. Similarly, donning suit and tie at casual get-together will make you look out of the place. So, knowing the dress code is the first thing that you need to consider.

Dress Code

  • Dress your age:

    Your wardrobe need to be changed with time. Whether you like dressing like a pro or you prefer keeping it subtle everything is possible if your dress as per your age. There are certain thumb rule for every age group that can help you don a sharp look. Do not try to copy the person who’s way too young or old than you’re, even if he’s a fashion connoisseur. Just stick to the basic and you’ll be able to pull off the best look.

Man in Formal Dress

  • Strike the right note:

    Striking the right note, in terms of color combination and choosing the ensemble is the important. There must be a color that looks best on you. The shade of the attire should always compliment your skin tone. The classic combination of darker tones contrasting with light ones and vice-versa is the safest option. Along with this, the accessory that you pair with the clothing is equally important. Right from the wristwatch to the shoes, everything should go with the occasion as well the clothing.

Stylish Man

  • Sophistication is the key:

    Gone are the days when the outrageously funky styles were considered cool. The current trend calls for elegance and sophistication. Keeping things simple and elegant is the key to sophistication. Your style quotient should simple, but significant. The quote, “Swag is for boys and class is for man”, should be the motto.

simple and elegant

  • Keep it sleek:

    Layering your clothes is the best way to set a style statement. However, do not go for baggy and layers even during fall. Keep the layers sleek and stylish. Same goes true with your underneath fashion. The material of the suit and blazer should be thin and lightweight. The style of men’s underwear should be sleek as well as. Are you still obsessed with the baggy undies? It is high time to replace them with the skimpier ones such as men’s bikini underwear.

Sleek and Stylish

  • Go for quality:

    The quality of the clothing, shoes and accessories matter a lot. It is not just the style that can fix your statement. So, instead of going with the quantity, prefer considering the quality. Instead of splurging, shop once in a couple of month, but go for high quality products. This is give a significant change to your overall appearance.

Were these points helpful? Do share with us in the comments below.


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