5 Must-Haves Before you Hit the Beach

Nothing can replace the stress of the corporate life like a soothing beach holiday. Can there be a better chance than this to ditch the formal attires and relax in casual clothes? I guess no! So, when it’s time to have some fun at the warm shore, following a neat packing guide can help you to enjoy the trip thoroughly. This can also avoid the last minute hustles. Below is the perfect handbook to the basic essentials for the tropical getaway. Scan on to know more.

  • Bright clothes:

    Your regular attires is not the right choice for the relaxing holiday. Get some casual outfit like t-shirts and shorts in bright colors. You can even go for floral prints. These lightweight attires can help in decreasing the weight of your luggage. Besides, it gives you a stylish appeal at the beach. However, ensure that the color of the apparels compliments your skin tone.

Man in Beach

  • Footwear:

    Walking barefoot on the sand can be difficult. So, buy some slippers or flip-flops that are cozy and bendable. These features of the slippers is necessary to get adapted to the soft sand. Sneakers, loafers and other shoes can be a bad idea.


  • Anti-tanning lotion:

    Tanned skin is also manageable but sunburns are not. Ensure to carry an anti-tanning lotion or sunscreen along with you. The sunscreen should also have an SPF number of at least 50 to get going with the tough skin of men.

    The harsh UV rays can lead to many sorts of skin related problem. Hence, apply the lotion on your body and face before leaving the hotel room.

Man Using Sunscreen

  • Undergarment:

    This is the perfect time to flaunt your well-toned physique. If you have a tattoo at one of the most secretive places then, it can be a bonus. So, ensure to grab the sexy bikinis for the beach. However, the resorts at the beach side are quite cool and breezy. So, make use of the cool air. Opt for men’s long underwear that comes in varied prints. They can be used for lounging purposes as well. The fabric used in this men’s underwear allows a good breathability to the assets that allow you to stay comfortable.

Agacio Long Boxers

  • Sunglasses:

    Donning trendy sunglasses is the best way to complete your look. So, don’t forget to carry your retro-style shades along. Moreover, it is equally important to protect your eyes from the dust and harmful UV rays and the shades can do the job for you.


Above are some of the important must-haves for the warm holiday. Make sure that you include these basics on your packing list.

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