Men’s Brief Underwear is much more than just the conventional style

When you talk about men’s underwear style, you know that the industry has evolved so much since the beginning. The collection of different styles for men have made it possible for the entire male population has decided to have more than one style for themselves. Well, what is conventional will always be the one style for sure and by that, I mean, men’s brief underwear. Brief underwear for men has been the one style that has been providing men the support, love, comfort and much more when nothing was there for them.


Agacio mens underwear


The collection of men’s brief underwear available now is not the conventional type anymore. Let me lay down the aspects that the conventional brief underwear for men had when the men’s underwear style came into existence.

Men’s brief underwear was bulkier: when the first brief underwear for men came into existence, it was a bulky bit of fabric that made men feel comfy underneath.

Agacio brief for men


The respective apparel style was longer: brief underwear for men stretched from the belly button till the end of the buttocks in the back and the front covered more than just the pouch.

Men’s brief underwear was available in limited colors: did you know that brief underwear for men was called the tighty whiteys? Well, that’s because the brief underwear for men was available in white color.




Now, that you know how the men’s brief underwear used to look like back then, now you can find how it looks like right now.

Men’s brief underwear is sexier: when you think of the construction and design of the brief underwear for men, you must know that now, you can find the shorter design of the briefs as well as slim fit with not the bulky feeling.


mens Agacio brief grey


A gamut of colors: well, when you check out the collection of men’s brief underwear at Agacio, you would be able to find a gamut of colors to choose from.

Now, do let us know which style do you prefer?

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