Cons of men’s thongs

Men’s thongs underwear has some pros and cons as well but somehow its cons overpower its qualities. Thongs are stylish, makes you look hot but its revealing features and discomfort caused due to that make it the last choice of men. Apart from these reasons, there are several other points as well which makes it ” not so” favorite style among the male generation. In this article, we will be focusing on the cons of pouch thong underwear. Apart from that, we will be discussing, how can you prevent yourself from getting embarrassed when wearing thongs.

1. Not for low waist denim.

If you are worried why thongs waistband is visible through your low waist denim then it’s not your thongs fault, it’s your mistake that you have paired it with wrong denim. This underwear should never be paired with low waist denim because there are chances that the waistband might keep running up from the pants. So it’s very important that you make a smart choice in clothing when pairing them with thongs.

thong underwear for men

2. Revealing

The biggest drawback of men’s pouch thong is the revealing factor because of which men hesitate in opting for this style. Not every other person is comfortable in showing his buttocks. Although its minimal coverage offers great support to the wearer’s genital areas, as a result, they prefer wearing boxers, briefs rather than men’s thong or G-string underwear. Some like to keep things mysterious.

3. Ask for proper maintenance.

Due to the scanty construction of Men’s thongs and G-string, a person spends less time washing them which is a positive point. Fabrics and design make it a delicate style and hence it requires extra care than any other style of underwear. One has to clean and change them on a regular basis (well that’s required in every style) and has to be very careful while wearing them. Avoid wearing them all night if you maintain its delicacy because it can lead to the growth of fungal and bacterial infections down there. Because their fabrics are delicate from other styles, one has to take certain steps for maintaining their delicacy, for example, you should avoid washing them in the washing machine and say no to fabric softeners if you don’t want to keep them safe and sound.

mens pouch thong

4. Too small to fit in.

Although pouch thongs underwear looks very comfortable because it has less fabric consumption but that’s not the case with every person. Most of the time men have to face discomfort due to its construction which is unable to give package proper space. Ignoring the comfort just to stay in style is not done. There are other styles of men’s pouch underwear that keep your manhood in comfort and enhances it beautifully.

Agacio Men's Thong

If you are purchasing pouch thongs underwear from some random website, there are chances that you might face comfort issues and fabric issues whereas if you purchase that from Agacio you don’t have to get worried. Agacio thongs are crafted keeping comfort and design in mind for the customer. One who purchases it from the brand will never regret his decision.

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