What are the best steps to choose mens briefs for your personality?

Owning the right lingerie is an act which men should learn. Since it is something which no one going to look or able to figure out” Oh, is that boxer brief?” but that doesn’t mean you will put on any style and in any color, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Hence we have compiled a few steps which you should follow while shopping for your underwear so what are you waiting for? Christmas!

1. Shop according to your physique

Nature has crafted every human being differently so why not shop for a style that embraces your personality rather than diminishing it. Whether its about purchasing formals or underwear you have to make sure its made for you and your body. You can’t be selfless all time. 

men's brief underwear

Speaking about body shapes, there is a total of 5 types of physiques, thin, muscular, oval, fit and wide hips, in other words, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, oval or apple body shape and Trapezoid.

If you are born with a triangle body shape that means you need to emphasize your upper body and your shoulders because you are gifted with broad shoulders. For an inverted triangle shape, being a muscular man try to balance your upper as well as lower body. Being a rectangle man means that the width of your shoulders, waist, and hips is almost the same. You physique falls under the slight or slender frame. Men whose torso is wider than their shoulders and hips fall under the category of oval body. Besides that your stomach is round, the face is slightly fuller and the length of the neck is short whereas your legs are slimmer than upper body. Lastly, is trapezoid which is also considered as perfect body shape because you have broad shoulders and a well-developed chest. Waist and hips are narrower. A trapezoid is one of the most desirable body shapes hence you can judge accordingly.

Men with rectangle physique should go for men’s brief, trunks, boxer briefs for men. Similarily men with trapezoid body shape must include brief underwear, male trunk, men’s boxer briefs in their closet but no boxers as they won’t accentuate your personality. Styles such as briefs, trunks, boxer brief underwear, and boxers are great for the ones who are born with an inverted triangle but if you’re among those who fall under the category of triangle figure make sure you don’t have briefs and boxers in your wardrobe. Trunks and boxer brief for men sounds good for you. Men with oval figure should stay away from men’s briefs and trunks and should switch to boxer briefs and boxers for the rest of their life.

After right physique, its time to know fabrics that are ideal for your men’s underwearOne should look for the underwear that is made out of fabric which is anti-microbial, wicking, Hypoallergenic and easy to maintain because everyone cant affords dry cleaning their delicate clothing. Also, it should be capable of serving you in every occasion.

brief underwear for men

Bamboo, cotton, modal, micro modal, nylon, silk and spandex are those fabrics which comprise of all those features mentioned above.

2. Colors as per skin tone

Men with fair or pale skin should wear men’s brief in contrast color rather those which matches your skin type because it raises the chance of getting camouflage with your skin color hence grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue sounds perfect for your underwear. Pastels or bright colors are something which you shouldn’t wear or even if you want to wear such colors combine them with dark shades. Besides bright colors, you are not even allowed to wear briefs which are white or light beige.

Pale or beige sounds right for your boxer briefs if you fall under olive or medium skin type. If you are thinking of giving neutrals colors a chance choose pale beige rather than warm or you can even try a bolder shade of purple such as magenta instead of mauve. Shades of green or yellow are not suitable for your skin tone.

No matter what people think of dark men but you should be proud of yourself because you get the freedom of choosing any color. you can wear bold, bright colors such as jade green or cobalt blue but don’t forget to add balance while dressing up.

Although you can try whichever color you want still there are a few limitations which you need to keep in mind such as no brown, black and navy colored boxer brief underwear for men as there is no harm in wearing black and navy but its better if you keep it minimal.

This was about colors that you should pick in your men’s boxer brief keeping your skin tone in mind. Now we will be discussing those colors which sound right for your brief or boxer brief

3. Colors best for your underwear

Colors that one must prefer when it’s about underwear are black, white, blue, red, green, orange and so on but don’t forget to match your skin color. Avoid dark shades lingerie under light-colored pants

If you follow these steps you won’t make blunders.

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