6 Rules About Bikini Underwear Meant To Be Broken

There are different rules which have been applied on bikini underwear. You should do this, you shouldn’t do that and so on. And in setting these, rules several misconceptions have taken place but it’s time to break these rules. It’s time to open up to bikini for men and wear it the way you want to.

If you want to pair it with a white t-shirt or formal shirts with folded sleeves, go for it. If you don’t want to pair anything with it and just want to grab the pair in neon colour, go ahead it’s your swimwear, treat it like the way you want to.

Rule 1: You cannot wash them in the washing machine.

Underwear experts recommend you to wash your delicate clothing like thongs, G-string and bikini with hands instead of the washing machine because it can ruin the charm and fabric of your men’s lingerie. That happens only when you wash them with other clothes. When you wash them separately and not to forget in a mesh bag, you don’t lose your favourite Agacio men’s bikini. There is no harm in cleaning them using your washing machine it’s just you need to follow few tips before doing that.

men's bikini

Rule 2: Do not wear them apart from beachwear.

Rule number two which you need to break is not wearing a bikini as underwear. Gradually with time designers have stated exploring this form of underwear and have started creating it in different styles because of which you can consider it as underwear as well as a beachwear if it’s comfortable for you and if you are planning to do so make sure to double-check the fabric. Do not consider wearing men’s bikini which is made out of synthetic fabric regularly.

Rule 3: Men who have good physique sounds eligible for bikini underwear.

A person who is blessed with good physique opts for bikini underwear for him things work out positively. He doesn’t have to put an extra effort to look great whereas a person who is overweight when opting for such a skinny style, instead of feeling great he becomes conscious.

That doesn’t mean overweight men cannot opt for bikini underwear, they can if they have enough confidence to pull it up in front of thousands of people. Also, make sure to pick the one inappropriate fabric otherwise you have to face discomfort.

Rule 4: The only female has the right to wear them as these were crafted for them.

When we study the history of bikini underwear what we come to know is in year 1930s, European women were the first who began wearing two-piece bathing suits which consist of a halter top and shorts. The only part that was revealed was midriff, your navel was covered.

But that doesn’t mean only women dare to wear this delicate form of underwear. Gradually with time, fashion designers started creating men’s bikini hence if you have the guts, men’s bikini is all yours.

bikini underwear for men

Rule 5: Bikini for men should be purchased from a physical store.

You can purchase them from a physical as well as from online store, depends upon your convenience. These days websites such as Skiviez are coming up with various designs at an affordable price and the best thing about shopping online is you don’t have to wait in the queue for payment, just click on the payment button, insert your details and you are done.

Rule 6: Switch to trunks instead of Bikini for your pool parties.

If you feel great and comfortable in a bikini for men, you ahead and wear them in the pool party. Trunks are for those who feel conscious in styles such as thongs, G-string.

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