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5 Must-Haves Before you Hit the Beach

Nothing can replace the stress of the corporate life like a soothing beach holiday. Can there be a better chance than this to ditch the formal attires and relax in casual clothes? I guess no! So, when it’s time to have some fun at the warm shore, following a neat packing guide can help you to enjoy the trip thoroughly. This can also avoid the last minute hustles. Below is the perfect handbook to the basic essentials for the tropical getaway. Scan on to know more.

  • Bright clothes:

    Your regular attires is not the right choice for the relaxing holiday. Get some casual outfit like t-shirts and shorts in bright colors. You can even go for floral prints. These lightweight attires can help in decreasing the weight of your luggage. Besides, it gives you a stylish appeal at the beach. However, ensure that the color of the apparels compliments your skin tone.

Man in Beach

  • Footwear:

    Walking barefoot on the sand can be difficult. So, buy some slippers or flip-flops that are cozy and bendable. These features of the slippers is necessary to get adapted to the soft sand. Sneakers, loafers and other shoes can be a bad idea.


  • Anti-tanning lotion:

    Tanned skin is also manageable but sunburns are not. Ensure to carry an anti-tanning lotion or sunscreen along with you. The sunscreen should also have an SPF number of at least 50 to get going with the tough skin of men.

    The harsh UV rays can lead to many sorts of skin related problem. Hence, apply the lotion on your body and face before leaving the hotel room.

Man Using Sunscreen

  • Undergarment:

    This is the perfect time to flaunt your well-toned physique. If you have a tattoo at one of the most secretive places then, it can be a bonus. So, ensure to grab the sexy bikinis for the beach. However, the resorts at the beach side are quite cool and breezy. So, make use of the cool air. Opt for men’s long underwear that comes in varied prints. They can be used for lounging purposes as well. The fabric used in this men’s underwear allows a good breathability to the assets that allow you to stay comfortable.

Agacio Long Boxers

  • Sunglasses:

    Donning trendy sunglasses is the best way to complete your look. So, don’t forget to carry your retro-style shades along. Moreover, it is equally important to protect your eyes from the dust and harmful UV rays and the shades can do the job for you.


Above are some of the important must-haves for the warm holiday. Make sure that you include these basics on your packing list.


Fabric In Men’s Bikini Underwear

If buying underwear does not give you a relaxing and comfortable feel, then it’s of no use. Buying any underwear style ultimately comes down to the decision- how one feels? The quality, type and composition of fabrics used matters a lot.

ag6950-basics-bikini125-600x600As a renowned brand, Agacio leads ahead in manufacturing men’s underwear of different styles like men’s bikini, men’s brief, men’s boxer briefs, men’s boxer shorts, Jockstraps and much more. The only unique quality which sets Agacio apart from all other brands in the underwear market is use of quality and sophisticated fabric. The brand features a unique combination of style and comfort by incorporating the most popular fabrics. With men’s bikini underwear being their most selling underwear category, Agacio focuses on utilizing the best quality of fabrics in their bikini underwear styles. Here’s a list of few-

Spandex- Spandex has been a material choice for the underwear industry since its discovery. The versatility and strength of this fabric means it can be used for a variety of purposes. They are probably popular because they allow the body to breathe and muscles to expand and contract during workouts. Apart from this, it has an ability to stretch and recover the original shape and form. Other major benefits include- extremely comfortable, lightweight, resistant to air and water.

Modal- The fabric is delicate and light weight and allows the skin to breathe. It provides extra stretchiness without pulling out of shape.

Polyester- The fabric is easily dyeable and not damaged by mildew.Polyester has several advantages being a smooth surfaced fabric and it is also easier to blend with other fabrics making it stable and strong.

The above mentioned fabric types are most commonly used by Agacio for designing men’s bikini underwear that once worn provides a support, flexibility and comfort that men usually look for.

Men’s Bikini Underwear For Comfort And Sexy Looks

ag6950-basics-bikini134-600x600Designed with a combination of sexiness and boldness, Agacio Bikinis offer a full coverage on the rear. The brand is known for designing high quality products that go just with the meaning of brand name.

Features of Men’s Bikini at Agacio

Superior quality of fabrics- Agacio Bikinis are designed with high quality of fabrics like Spandex and Modal that forms the most stretchable and comfortable fabric. The soft and smooth touch associated with this fabric gives it high quality.

Contoured Pouch- The contoured pouch in the front is designed with a sack lifting technology which not only spaces and lifts your package but also encourages confidence with your personality. The construction is designed in a way so as to offer maximum support.

Snug fit- With a lot of option for skin show, Men’s Bikini underwear by the brand offers a snug fit on the front with high cuts around the pouch. It allows full exposure with full seat coverage.

Styling- With an eye popping logo designed on the waistband and high cuts on the side, it offers an eye appealing design that enhances your personality as well. The fabric on the front and back along with waistband holds everything in place and together.

Colors- The colors used are grey, white, red, yellow, blue and turquoise.

When to use- Agacio Basic Bikini underwear is ideal for everyday use or for gymming and other activities. The supportive pouch designed with sack lifting technology provides comfort and protection while the super absorbent, quick drying and water resistant fabric gives a soft and cozy feel from within.