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Men’s underwear – things you need to know

When it comes to the most of your intimate clothing i.e., men’s underwear, there are so many things that you should be aware of. Just like the outfits are supposed to be well-chosen, your intimate apparel styles need to be kept in check. Just like the outfits have their pros and cons, the below the belt fashion has its own set of rules and things to remember.


This blog talks about the things that you should know about your undergarments and pay attention to. Why? Because when your basics are put right, you build a pleasing personality.

  • Keep a watch on what you pick

    No matter what style you pick, just make sure you pick the correct one for yourself. Confused?? Well, what I mean to say here is (for example) – if you have a sensitive skin, make sure you choose the fabric well. Likewise, if you are into men’s brief underwear, you have to keep a check on what cuts are you picking or the fabric or even the coverage and more. Hence, just pay attention.


  • Don’t keep one style for every moment

    This is no ancient era when you have limited styles. You can choose more than one or two styles for yourself. When it comes to the traditional personalities you can indulge your assets in boxer brief underwear, briefs, boxers for men and more fabric-loaded styles. On the other hand, if you are ready to go minimal, starting from men’s bikinis, the collection goes up to thong underwear and so much more. All these styles are meant for different times – use them accordingly.

  • Focus on the fabric more than you do

    From cotton, men’s nylon underwear the range of fabrics go up to modal, polyester, polyamide and more. You have to make the choice of picking what will love your assets because the sensitivity matters a lot. After all, you don’t want your assets to suffer the rashes or chafing that is more painful than you think.


  • The pouch should hold – when it needs to

    You must have heard a lot about the pouch and what it can do to the manhood as well as its appeal. But, what you missed to hear is that the pouch and the coverage on the same are not mandatory. For times like romantic evenings, you always have the option to go sans the pouch. However, when you need the support, an enhancing apparel style is a must-have.

With these basics being cleared, you’ll be able to have a better look at the intimate wear.


Long underwear and their benefits

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear long underwear for men? What I thought about when I was young was that it was a thermal underwear that keeps you feeling warm in the cold days of the year. And, I am not alone, it is what others know and FYI, long johns are called as long underwear.

Agacio Long Boxer

However, what we’re talking about here is the men’s underwear style that calls for a longer length and some really useful benefits.

What benefits?

Find them below.

  • It enhances your outfit

    Think of that time when you are wearing a formal suit pant that fits you really well, would you be interested in slipping a bulky men’s brief underwear that protrudes on the respective area or would you like a fit that looks pleasing? With something that defines your legs, your outfit and the personality will be enhanced for the better.

  • It defines your legs

    The definition is exactly what the last aspect leads to. If you aren’t defined, your outfit won’t look so good on you. Hence, definition or streamlining is very important for your personality. A long boxer briefs underwear is an appropriate choice when you are looking forth for the respective appeal.

  • It provides warmth/summer

    Warmth/keeping the cool of the fabric is an integral part of the lengthy-fabric styles that cover the assets and the legs as well. Made with fabrics suited for the summer and the winter months, you get to have the respective feeling for the respective season types.

  • It supports the assets

    You need to stay in sync with the long pieces because of the undying support that it provides to the assets and everywhere it covers. The fabric is certainly made to keep you together but the supportive fabric is what the brands make sure for the day-long comfort.

Do you have a long underwear? Share your experience in the comments below.

5 Must-Haves Before you Hit the Beach

Nothing can replace the stress of the corporate life like a soothing beach holiday. Can there be a better chance than this to ditch the formal attires and relax in casual clothes? I guess no! So, when it’s time to have some fun at the warm shore, following a neat packing guide can help you to enjoy the trip thoroughly. This can also avoid the last minute hustles. Below is the perfect handbook to the basic essentials for the tropical getaway. Scan on to know more.

  • Bright clothes:

    Your regular attires is not the right choice for the relaxing holiday. Get some casual outfit like t-shirts and shorts in bright colors. You can even go for floral prints. These lightweight attires can help in decreasing the weight of your luggage. Besides, it gives you a stylish appeal at the beach. However, ensure that the color of the apparels compliments your skin tone.

Man in Beach

  • Footwear:

    Walking barefoot on the sand can be difficult. So, buy some slippers or flip-flops that are cozy and bendable. These features of the slippers is necessary to get adapted to the soft sand. Sneakers, loafers and other shoes can be a bad idea.


  • Anti-tanning lotion:

    Tanned skin is also manageable but sunburns are not. Ensure to carry an anti-tanning lotion or sunscreen along with you. The sunscreen should also have an SPF number of at least 50 to get going with the tough skin of men.

    The harsh UV rays can lead to many sorts of skin related problem. Hence, apply the lotion on your body and face before leaving the hotel room.

Man Using Sunscreen

  • Undergarment:

    This is the perfect time to flaunt your well-toned physique. If you have a tattoo at one of the most secretive places then, it can be a bonus. So, ensure to grab the sexy bikinis for the beach. However, the resorts at the beach side are quite cool and breezy. So, make use of the cool air. Opt for men’s long underwear that comes in varied prints. They can be used for lounging purposes as well. The fabric used in this men’s underwear allows a good breathability to the assets that allow you to stay comfortable.

Agacio Long Boxers

  • Sunglasses:

    Donning trendy sunglasses is the best way to complete your look. So, don’t forget to carry your retro-style shades along. Moreover, it is equally important to protect your eyes from the dust and harmful UV rays and the shades can do the job for you.


Above are some of the important must-haves for the warm holiday. Make sure that you include these basics on your packing list.

Feeling like a Sweaty disaster? 5 Summer hacks

A pint of sweat saves a gallons of blood. However, the excess of sweat leads to soaked clothes, body odor and tons of embarrassment. Excessive body sweating is one of the reasons of low-esteem and confidence in a lot of men. To make matter worse, the heat of Summer and it’s consequences leads to germ attack and other related issues. Almost every men can relate to this problem. Not matter what product you use, there seems to be no solution.

Have you face the embarrassment of sweating buckets ever before? Do you hesitate in removing your coat and raising your arm due the sweaty armpits? Let us face the truth! There is no way you can get rid of the sweating. However, you can get rid of impression of being a sweaty disaster. Listed below are some Summer hacks can help you in the same. Check them out.

  • Avoid unhealthy food and beverage

    Even though, perspiration is a natural phenomenon, the eating and drinking habit of an individual contributes a lot to it. Junk food and food with extra spice adds to the sweating. The spice ultimately comes out of the sweat gland in the morning. It is proved that the caffeine is one of thing that adds to the problem the most. So, avoid drinking too much coffee. Moreover, excessive intake of alcohol have the same result. Being under the weather not only gives you hangover, but even adds to the embarrassment sweaty clothes and bad body odor. Thus, controlling your drinking habits as well as smoking is equally important. Smoking raises the heat of the body and leads to sweat secretion.

  • Use natural remedy

    The deodorants and antiperspirants are some of the quick-fixes, but cannot be trusted all the time. It always recommended to go with the homemade remedies. Once you have controlled your diet, you can go for ways to reduce the stress. The tensions and workload are some of the other factors that lead to this situation. Bathe well and take cold water shower twice in a day. Keep yourself hydrated. Some people do think that drinking too much water adds to sweating, but it’s not true. Keeping your body moisturized and hydrated is important. Along with this, drink tomato juice as it provides extra vitamins and reduces perspiration. Rub your armpit and other body organs that sweat more with cotton pads soaked in baking soda and lime juice.

  • Watch what you’re wearing

    The fabric and the color of the clothes can add to the troubles. So, check the material of the attire before ordering them. Cotton, polyester and other high end microfiber are some of the most recommended ones. Along with this, bright colors, especially black, absorb light and heat. This leads increases the body temperature. So, wear light and soothing shades. The crotch area is as sweaty as the armpits. So, make sure that you are selective in choosing the style of men’s underwear. The skimpy cuts like men’s thongs or even bikinis for men can keep you airy. Sweating is good for the body, but moisture retention leads to major skin issues. So, wear an underneath article that wicks away the moisture and keeps the private dry.

  • Remove the forest

    The body hair leads to moisture retention and bad odor ultimately. So, remove the extra hair from your body. Shave your armpits and the chest hairs. Along with this, make sure that you remove the hair of your scrotum. This is an important part of self-grooming, it may not cut down the sweating, but will surely reduce the aftereffects.

  • Hide the sweat

    This is a natural process of the body to regulate the body temperature. Hence, controlling or reducing it is a bit tricky. Thus, it is better to hide the sweat. Wearing shirts with patterns and prints is the best to do the same. Layering is another way to hide the same. Use layers to hide the sweaty pits. The layers can help make an everlasting impression effortlessly. Keep the quality of the various layer under check as well.

Were these Summer hacks helpful? Share your views in the comment below.



How to Dress Sharp: 7 Style tips

Being under-dressed is awkward, but being over-dressed even more embarrassing. As the fashion industry is going places, the pressure on modern men to stay in sync with the current is increasing. There is a slight difference between getting ready for an event. You may get ready in the best of the clothes or may choose the top-notch brand, but its not necessary that you’re dapper. You have been through times when even a casually dressed men manages to look better than you. Well, he did nothing more than hitting the right note between being dressed and being well-dressed.

Wonder how you can dress sharp? Here are some tips that can help you for the same. Check them out.

Well Dressed Man

  • Know the dress code:

    The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider the occasion. Not dressing according to the dress code is one the biggest mistake that ruins your entire effort. Even if there’s no dress code, make sure that you cloth matches the event. For instance, do not go in t-shirt and jeans for a formal dinner or anything of this sort. Semi-formal attire is ideal. Similarly, donning suit and tie at casual get-together will make you look out of the place. So, knowing the dress code is the first thing that you need to consider.

Dress Code

  • Dress your age:

    Your wardrobe need to be changed with time. Whether you like dressing like a pro or you prefer keeping it subtle everything is possible if your dress as per your age. There are certain thumb rule for every age group that can help you don a sharp look. Do not try to copy the person who’s way too young or old than you’re, even if he’s a fashion connoisseur. Just stick to the basic and you’ll be able to pull off the best look.

Man in Formal Dress

  • Strike the right note:

    Striking the right note, in terms of color combination and choosing the ensemble is the important. There must be a color that looks best on you. The shade of the attire should always compliment your skin tone. The classic combination of darker tones contrasting with light ones and vice-versa is the safest option. Along with this, the accessory that you pair with the clothing is equally important. Right from the wristwatch to the shoes, everything should go with the occasion as well the clothing.

Stylish Man

  • Sophistication is the key:

    Gone are the days when the outrageously funky styles were considered cool. The current trend calls for elegance and sophistication. Keeping things simple and elegant is the key to sophistication. Your style quotient should simple, but significant. The quote, “Swag is for boys and class is for man”, should be the motto.

simple and elegant

  • Keep it sleek:

    Layering your clothes is the best way to set a style statement. However, do not go for baggy and layers even during fall. Keep the layers sleek and stylish. Same goes true with your underneath fashion. The material of the suit and blazer should be thin and lightweight. The style of men’s underwear should be sleek as well as. Are you still obsessed with the baggy undies? It is high time to replace them with the skimpier ones such as men’s bikini underwear.

Sleek and Stylish

  • Go for quality:

    The quality of the clothing, shoes and accessories matter a lot. It is not just the style that can fix your statement. So, instead of going with the quantity, prefer considering the quality. Instead of splurging, shop once in a couple of month, but go for high quality products. This is give a significant change to your overall appearance.

Were these points helpful? Do share with us in the comments below.