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5 Famous Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are one of the common words that are heard in between the celebrities. They are mostly targeted on female celebrities when compared to the male actors. However, the fact is the opposite gender also goes through the same. They suffer from the problem that ranges from nip slips to pant rips. Many of them who have been a victim have accidentally or purposely flashed the camera on several occasions. Being famous is also a headache as the cameras are always around you which makes the bugs to be easy publicized.

The below blog contains five such celebrities who have been a victim to the same. Check out.

  • Brad Pitt:

    The actor who has delivered hits like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The curious case of Benjamin Button, Ocean’s 11 and so has managed to maintain a decent career profile. However, the actor failed to zip up his pants during the promotional meet of his movie. This bug became a huge talk of the town within days.

Brad Pitt Failed to Zip up His Pants

  • Harry Styles:

    Harry styles, the One Direction fame also suffered a malfunction while performing on stage. During the London concert, Liam Payne pulled Harry’s pants down in front of a packed audience. However, Harry handled it professionally by continuing his song while pulling the pants back to the place.

Liam Payne pulled Harry's pants down

  • Jonah Hill: 

    The comic actor suffered the same at the Baftas party. His pants had a wide split which may be was unaware of or wanted to be casual in front of the cameras. Well, that was a cool way to handle mishaps. Jonah is also famous for his weight loss transformation which portrayed a completely new avatar of him.

Jonah Hill had a wide split in his pant

  • Justin Bieber: 

    The controversial singer has also been a part of the embarrassing situation. During one of his concerts art Singapore, his over sized pants slipped off from his waist. However, now he is the brand ambassador of a Underwear brand, who can be seen flaunting his men’s boxer briefs frequently.

over sized pants slipped off from Justin Bieber's waist

  • Robert Pattinson: 

    The twilight star also has gone through the same thing during a promo shoot. Looks like the star forgot to zip up the fly before making the appearance. Instead he was busy making in giving a stylish pose for the photos.

Above were some of the all time famous malfunctions that the stars were famous for. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.


Steps To Stop Smelling Bad

Do you have odor issues? Many of us are skeptical talking about this issue but it is a common phenomenon that many of us especially males face in their day to day activities. This blog will help you get rid of smelly toes, privates and other sensitive areas that tend to smell bad.


Bad smell or body odor happens because of sweat accumulation in the parts of the body that is covered for longer periods and is not breathable at all. Let us look at steps that can help you get rid of the same for longer periods.

• Bathe every day: This is surely the first thing that you must do. Make sure you do a proper hair wash and clean areas such as back of your neck, armpits, inner thighs, back of the ears and manhood. Scrub them well and try not use others loofa and soap for bathing.

• Rub your feet properly: This is the most common body part that tends to smell most. While bathing, clean your feet and toes properly in order to get rid of the dead skin particles, sweat and dust.

• Use good detergent: Well! Most of us think that every good smelling detergent is perfect. However, you must use mild detergents with a nice fragrance to clean your clothes.

• Change underwear every day: This is very important for both the sexes to change apparel every day. Especially about men’s underwear, because guys are considered lazy in doing laundry that they repeat dirty men’s briefs or even men’s jockstraps. You can also use talcum powder and deodorants in your shoes that can be taken out and washed when they become smelly.

These were some of the steps by which you can avoid sweat accumulation as well as smell really good.

Agacio manufactures men’s underwear styles that are fresh, durable and made from high quality fabrics. Check them out now.

Why Agacio Jockstrap Are Worth A Try?

Agacio is a leading brand in terms of men’s underwear that is comfortable and made to equally functional. If you are an avid sports player, genuine men’s jockstrap underwear by the brand will define and protect your manhood from being hurt. If you’ve played sports growing up you’ve probably owned one. Let us look at the reasons why you own a pair of Agacio jockstraps for men.

ag4900-basics-jockstrap024-600x600Functionality: The sack-lifting technique imbibed in all this style ensures better enhancement and safety in the crotch. Agacio athletic jockstraps offers high quality protection, support and enhancement to the athletes. They also provide a better fit compared to the more modern compression shorts. They allow you to move around without having to worry about injuring yourself.

Manly: The entire range of jockstraps for men by the label is unique and classy. The Basic collection is solid, manly and very down to earth. With this assortment, the brand made the functionality in focus on keeping the looks to the basic.

Fabric: The brand uses fabrics like modal, polyester and more with just the right amount of spandex. The perfect combination to give you soft, luxurious, skin-like feeling with just the correct amount of stretch. High quality fabrics are chosen with deep thought in order to give the most comfortable feeling to the manhood.

These reasons are enough to compel you to own a pair of jockstraps by Agacio. Check out the range for yourself and start stocking.

What’s The Most Comfortable Underwear For Men?

AG5833-Grey-M-600x600This might be the most asked question world over that which men’s underwear style is the most comfortable one? However, it is difficult to answer it every time because men are versatile and have different personalities; their choices are different from each other and so dos their taste. This is why this question remains unanswered even today.

Let’s look at a few men’s apparel styles that are loved worldwide for their comfort level.

Men’s Briefs: The most conventional style; men’s brief underwear is considered to be the most comfortable apparel. Probably it is because that most of the male population worldwide prefer wearing briefs for their snug fit, small construction and comfortable pouch.

Men’s Boxers: Men’s boxers are again considered to be very comfortable for their loose construction and relaxing feel that they provide to the manhood. However, the style also has disadvantages like no support or hold on the package, riding up feature and more that makes the guys choose them fewer times and that too while they are at home, relaxing. However, the disadvantages do not deny the fact that they are extremely comfortable.

Men’s Boxer Briefs: Men’s boxer briefs were introduced for the only reason when they couldn’t afford to cope up with the disadvantages of briefs and boxers. The boxer briefs are highly comfortable like boxers whereas; supportive like briefs. Hence, guys prefer them when they seek comfort with support.

Men’s Thongs: Men’s thongs are believed to be very comfortable for their tiny and revealing construction plus the fabrics incorporated. The sexy underwear offers a lot of comfort with a tiny piece of fabric on the front and just a narrow strip on the rear.

Agacio has a plethora of styles including men’s jockstrap underwear, men’s bikinis and more that are crafted with complementary feature; comfort. All the pieces of the brand are designed by men with a belief that men know what men need. Hence, comfort is the mantra on which the brand works.

Agacio Boxer Briefs for a Body Contouring Shape

Launched in 2012, Agacio is one of the leading men’s underwear stores where designers believe in creating the most comfortable styles by keeping you stylish. Men’s underwear design available at Agacio is for men who are constantly looking for underwear styles that are functional yet attractive. There are numerous styles you can find at Agacio in different sizes, styles, colors, brands and patterns.

Featuring the sack lifting technology, Men’s Boxer Brief Undrewear allows your package to fall exactly in the right place. Made from soft, comfortable fabric blend of Nylon, Spandex and Polyester, Agacio Boxer Briefs are designed for different variety of body types. The fabrics used offer a soft skin like touch with great amount of stretch.

Designed to make you look and feel active and attractive, Agacio Boxer Briefs embraces your manhood figuratively- so it looks best on wearing. Another great advantage of buying boxer briefs from Agacio is affordability which makes it a great choice to be purchased by anyone.

Agacio brings out the latest styles by keeping in mind the tastes, likes and comfort of varied individuals. Those who are fashion minded can go with these boxer briefs as they come with latest trend and fashion.

What Makes Agacio Boxer Briefs Stand Out From Others?

Features- Boxer Briefs are simply smaller in size and are worn as an athletic undergarment. With a loose fitting of boxer and tight support of Briefs, Boxer Briefs are basically a hybrid between the briefs and the boxers. It is similar to cycling shorts except that it is more supportive, has a gentle crotch support and is made from soft fabric like Cotton, Spandex and Nylon.

One of the most significant features of Boxer Briefs which makes it better than any other underwear styles is “SUPPORT”. Despite having a snug fit, boxer briefs designed at Agacio have breathable fabric too. You do not have to worry about sweating and wicking that can irritate the male genital area.

Agacio Boxer Briefs

Comfort, affordability and quality is what makes Agacio Boxer Briefs stand out from the others. Agacio has been providing comfortable undergarments since a long time. At Agacio, you will find a great selection of boxer briefs from basic solids to trendy and stylish stripes. The brand features the most vibrant colored stripes with solid pieces to deliver a masterpiece. The style is getting more popular because of its being highly sophisticated and functional especially for modern men. By covering the more area from waist down up to thighs and the snug fit, Men’s Boxer Briefs available at Agacio assures flexibility along with style.

Top Most Selling Styles of Boxer Brief at Agacio-

Long Boxer Horizontal Stripes- The snug fit of these briefs keeps you intact. The contoured pouch in front makes it a great choice to be worn during sports like Gray, Yellow, Aqua, Turquoise and Blue. The broad elastic waistband assures the comfort of this style.

Basic Boxers- Basic Boxers features a consistent black waistband with a white logo which keeps a strong grip as well as is soft on the skin.

Short Stripes Boxers- With a broad elastic waistband, the short stripes boxers are designed with a sack lifting technology for optimal support and comfort.

Striped Trunk- Men who look for full coverage and 100% support on the front must buy this style. This range has colorful horizontal stripes all around with solid color outlining on the thighs and around the pouch.

Sack lifting technology along with fabric combination compels you to fall in love with Agacio Boxer Briefs. By keeping in mind the comfort and individual requirements, Agacio designs top class styles which pleases the fashion conscious males and fulfills their needs.

Sports and Jockstraps

Underwear plays a great role when it comes to protection, coverage and comfort. Out of so many sporty styles available today in the market, Jockstraps play a crucial role in being a most popular choice. Have you ever wondered why Jockstraps are gaining so much popularity as sports underwear? Earlier people had limited choices but since the introduction of Jockstraps in 1874, people started wearing them while playing sports that require some form of support or protection.

Listed below are the top most features of Jockstraps which make them an ideal choice as a sportswear-

ag4900-basics-jockstrap015-600x600Jockstraps come with a fabric pouch that is meant to give protection to man’s private parts. The presence of a cup in the front is meant to guard against possible harsh impact that might hurt the man’s private parts. Now you might be thinking how this does makes it a performance enhancing underwear in sports, right? Well, there are various sports like Hockey, Base ball, Soft ball and Lacrosse which makes Jockstraps a good choice to be the most comfortable type of protection. When it comes to protective underwear, Jockstraps still offer the most protection for strenuous activities. They allow free body movements without having to worry about injuring yourself. The protective cups actually offer the maximum amount of support for your junk.

Jockstraps should be worn during sports that involve running and jostling. The fabric construction involves the use of fabrics that gives you soft, skin like and luxurious feel with just the right amount of stretch. The material plays a great role in determining how well you underwear performs. It is necessary to ensure that one feels comfortable and make movement of legs easy. Nylon, Spandex and Lycra are the most commonly used fabrics that ensure stretch ability, fast drying, comfort and coolness to avoid hassle during any kind of sports. The above mentioned fabric when combined together keeps you dry all day long in any kind of conditions.

The fit which men’s jockstraps underwear offer matters a lot therefore it is vital to choose the one which fits your perfectly. The size of pouch is a matter of consideration as it can be adjusted as per the comfort level of an individual.

So, if you are looking for a sports underwear that keeps you dry, comfortable and avoids chaffing, then shop around for the trendiest collection of Jockstraps at Agacio.

Why Buy Agacio Boxer Briefs Underwear?

Designed with a perfect blend of long boxers and tight fitted briefs, boxer briefs tend to be the most sophisticated and comfortable styles of underwear. At Agacio, one can shop around for the latest styles of boxer brief underwear that are designed using the best quality of soft and comfortable fabric as Cotton, Nylon, Polyester and Spandex. These fabrics when infused individually or in combination makes men’s boxer brief a tight fit, comfortable and cool underwear to be worn by men on different occasions.


The design offers a cross between boxer and brief to give that extra feel of comfort. Boxer briefs are not only used as routine underwear briefs, they find their specific use with sportsmen. The comfort and convenience associated with brief underwear makes it a preferable choice among modern men. By wearing boxer briefs, one would feel free and comfortable all the day long.

The presence of contoured pouch in the front offers extra bulge to your package, thereby enhancing your profile and offering protection. Men’s boxer brief adds stability and keeps the male privates intact by displaying an enhanced level of manhood. Similarly the snug fit, this underwear style offers provides an visual appealing personality by allowing your package to display well.

Whether it is for sportswear or for every day wear, boxer briefs form an ideal underwear style for modern men. The world class designers at Agacio are focused on designing boxer briefs which ensure the correct size, smooth/comfortable fabric, designer cuts and plentiful delightful color choices.

So, if you are looking for an underwear style that focuses on comfort along with fashion, then try Agacio Boxer Briefs.